Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tofu Walnut Burgers

Sometimes it is difficult to find a tasty gluten-free and vegan burger patty.  I'm always on the look-out for a great recipe in this category.  I think this recipe is a keeper.  We had these for lunch today and they were delicious!  The original recipe called for bread crumbs instead of the Rice Chex I used, and if you have gluten-free bread crumbs, they could be substituted.  You can also use your favorite gluten-free flour or egg replacer as a substitute for the gar/fava or soy flour if you'd like.  Enjoy!

Tofu Walnut Burgers

1/2 pound tofu, extra firm
1 cup oatmeal, uncooked (gluten free)
1 cup Rice Chex (gluten free)
1/3 cup gar/fava or soy flour
1 onion, chopped
1/2 cup walnuts, finely chopped
1 1/2 teaspoons Bill's Best Chicknish'
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
1/2 teaspoon seasoning salt
1/2 teaspoon mineral salt
1 teaspoon sage
1 cup water, more if necessary

Rinse and drain tofu.  Crumble with hands into a bowl.  Add oatmeal, crushed Rice Chex, and gar/fava or soy flour.  Stir well, then add finely chopped onion, walnuts, and seasonings.  After well-blended, add water and stir gently.  Allow mixture to sit for a few minutes so water can absorb.  If mixture is dry, add a little more water so that a consistency suitable for molding into patties is obtained.  Be careful not to make the mixture too wet.  Form into burger patties and place on a baking stone and bake in a 350 degree oven until baked for twenty minutes, then turned and browned ten minutes more.  Or fry slowly in coconut or olive oil until patties are a golden brown.

This recipe can be made into meat balls as well.  Serve with gravy, pasta and sauce, or in a burger bun for a delicious sandwich.

Makes 16 burgers (or 24 small patties).

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