Saturday, April 15, 2006

Ways to Use Tofu

Firm tofu that has been pureed can be used to replace some or all of the liquid, egg, or dairyproducts in the following foods:

*In homemade or packaged biscuit dough
*Instead of eggs or milk in bread dough

*Instead of eggs in cookie dough
*Instead of yogurt in fruit smoothies

*Instead of milk when making packaged pudding mixes
*Instead of cream in pureed soups

*Instead of stock in gravy
*Instead of cream in sauces

*Pureed with vegetables or fruits for baby food
*In place of oil or sour cream in salad dressings

*As a base for homemade ice cream
*As a base for rice pudding

*As a base for creamy pasta sauces
*Instead of egg yolks in souffles

*Instead of mayonnaise or sour cream in dips and spreads
*Instead of milk in mashed potatoes

*As a base for low-far, dairy-free mayonnaise
*Like buttermilk for pancake and waffle batters

*Like buttermilk for muffins batters.
*As a base for dairy-free cheesecakes

*As a base for cream-free pies
*As a base for chocolate mousse

Mashed, extra-firm tofu can be used to:

*Replace ricotta cheese in lasagna
*Make a dairy-free ravioli filling

*Make a low-fat, non-dairy blintz filling
*Make a tofu egg salad

*Make scrambled "tofu" eggs
*Make a sandwich spread for kids lunches

*Replace eggs in quiche
*Replace ground meat in stuffings

*Make a base for vegetarian burgers
*Replace cottage cheese in casseroles

*Replace feta cheese and eggs in spinach pie
*Replace beans in hummus

And, if you freeze and defrost cubes of extra-firm tofu you can use
it instead of:

* Beef in stews
*Lamb in curries

*Shrimp in stir fry dishes
*Chicken in Chinese chicken salad

*Seafood in pasta dishes
*Pork in fried rice

*Beef, for tacos, burritos or enchiladas
*Ground meat for stuffed peppers

*Beef in stroganoff
*Chicken in gumbo

*Turkey in chili
*Lobster in Newberg

*Chicken in Thai curry

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